Vignesh Reddy Kandi

Austria could be my next…

Last year, two of my close friends discussed going for an exchange program, and I didn’t feel the same way. I was content with studying at Hamk and demotivated them by not showing interest. However, a year later, an email from my guidance counselor made me realize that I should also explore exchange opportunities.

I started researching and found various options in Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea. Initially, I was sure that I wanted to stay in Europe, but then Austria caught my attention. There was something about the country that made me feel connected to it, and I decided to apply to a university in Austria.

I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from the universities and excited on this journey. It’s amazing how a change in perspective can make you reconsider your choices.

Fingers crossed for Austria, or maybe even another country!

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