Vignesh Reddy Kandi

Missing My Favorite Telugu Cartoons

As a child, I used to enjoy watching shows like Takeshi’s Castle, even though I didn’t have any knowledge of the language. I found it amusing to see the participants fail in those shows. However, as I started my kindergarten, I developed a liking for shows like Tom and Jerry and Ben 10, which has become my all-time favorite show until now.

During that time, I used to watch many cartoons, and they became my favorites. On Cartoon Network, I loved watching the Ben 10 series and movies, Dragon Tales, Tom and Jerry, and some movies like Bal Ganesh, Bhooth and Friends, Oh My Friend Ganesha, Omkar, and many more. On Pogo, I enjoyed watching Mad, Takeshi’s Castle, and Chhota Bheem. On Disney/Hungama, I loved watching Doraemon, Shin Chan, Kiteretsu, and Ninja Hattori. And on Kushi TV, I enjoyed watching Heidi, Jackie Chan, Spider-Man, and some Marvel movies.

I watched these shows for many years, but unfortunately, some shows got canceled, and at some point, I didn’t feel like watching these cartoons anymore. But now, I miss them, and it’s sad to see that they are not available anymore. Although I can find some of these shows on channels and websites, I can’t find them in my native language. I tried to watch them, but because of the change in language and voice, I didn’t enjoy them as much. I miss watching them in Telugu, and sometimes I feel like if someone sold those cartoon shows with Telugu audio, I would even be ready to pay a couple of hundred euros.

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