Why I Couldn’t Wait to Turn 18: A Look at the Perks of Adulthood

As a child, I used to dream about turning 18, thinking that it would be the ultimate liberation from school and parental control. However, the real urge to become 18 came at the age of 13, when I started to learn riding a bike. Even though I mastered it by then, I couldn’t legally drive or obtain a license until I turned 18, which made me anticipate that day even more eagerly. As the years went by, I had many other wishes and dreams that could only be fulfilled after turning 18. I longed to vote in elections, get a debit card, and own a mobile phone with a sim card. I also became interested in the stock market and wanted to create a demat account, inspired by Warren Buffet’s success story. Yet all of these were beyond my reach until I reached the magic age of 18. Finally, on my 18th birthday, I felt a sense of freedom and empowerment. I answered phone calls, messages, and downloaded apps like Nordnet and Binance to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies. I enrolled in a driving school and applied for bonus cards to avail of discounts on shopping. It was a thrilling experience to do all the things that I couldn’t do before due to age restrictions. However, as time went on, I realized that turning 18 was not a magical solution to all my problems. I still don’t have my driving license, and I missed the opportunity to vote in the last election. My ambition to become a billionaire by investing in the stock market like Warren Buffet also faded away. I learned that being 18 doesn’t automatically make everything better or easier, and that financial independence is a crucial factor in feeling truly empowered. Turning 18 can be a milestone that brings a sense of excitement and newfound freedom. However, it’s important to realize that age is just a number, and true empowerment comes from taking charge of your life and pursuing your dreams, regardless of your age.

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