Trip to Riga – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

Trip to Riga: Exploring Latvia’s Beautiful Capital – Vignesh Reddy Kandi In January 2023, my brother and I went on a four-day trip to Riga. We decided to take the cheapest flight available, which was with Ryanair. Despite hearing mixed reviews, we booked the tickets for only €20 each.Our main goal for the trip was to have a staycation and do some fun activities. We didn’t have any specific expectations, but we were excited to explore Riga. We found a good deal on a hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson, for €200 for four nights. Our flight from Helsinki was supposed to depart at 10:50 pm, but it was delayed for two hours. We had to wait in the airport for a long time, but unfortunately, there were no open stores to keep us occupied. Despite the delay, we enjoyed flying with Ryanair. (Except horrible landing experience in Riga 💀) On our first day, we headed to the Old Town to explore. We found that the Old Town in Riga was even better than Tallinn’s Old Town. We stumbled upon an Indian restaurant and decided to try it out. The food was delicious, and the prices were half of what we would pay for the same meal in Helsinki. We visited some great places, such as the Riga Market, the National Museum of Art, and the Riga Cathedral. Had some fun activities there..And i felt there is nothing more to see in Riga so thought of taking a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania, but the travel time was too long, so we decided to not to go. We returned to Helsinki after four days of having lots of fun in Riga. Luckily, our flight back was not delayed, and we had a great trip overall and it would be best if i went there in the summer. Thanks for reading- Trip to Riga: Exploring Latvia’s Beautiful Capital – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

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