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A Trip Through the Benelux- Vignesh reddy kandi

Author : A Trip Through the Benelux: Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg – Vignesh reddy kandi

Since returning from Austria in January, I’ve only made a short trip to Hämeenlinna. Recently, I discovered a SAP event in the Netherlands and since I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, it seemed like the perfect excuse to go.

I’m planning to be there for two weeks and visit three countries. I found a good deal on flights to Amsterdam with SAS, which helps because they offer discounts for young people. I don’t have a detailed plan for after I arrive, but I’m thinking of starting in Amsterdam on the 19th, then going to Leeuwarden on the 21st to meet my friend Aldo and attend the SAP event for the rest of the week.

After that, I plan to drive to Brussels, stay a few days, and then visit Luxembourg. These three places are my main goals, but if I still have money left, I might also go to France or maybe return to Norway.

I’m really looking forward to this trip that will last two to three weeks, and this time, I’m not sticking to a fixed schedule.

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