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20 countries before 21 – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

20 countries before 21 – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

I always thought that, if I could make it to 20 countries before turning 21. But I haven’t

But let’s see what countries I have been to and why.

1. Finland

  • I am staying here so obviously it would count

2. Sweden

  • My family and I were on our way to Finland but missed our connecting flight in Sweden. We had to stay there for two nights, and it was awesome! We got to explore Stockholm, and it turned out to be a happy mistake. But also visited once again in 2023 with my cousins, a big family trip 🙂

3. Estonia

  • Honestly, Estonia is because of cheap stuff over there but my 1st every trip was for cruising, as i had never been on a cruise before.

4. Latvia

  • Cheap Ryanair tickets and a winter holiday with my brother

5. Lithuania

  • Being in Riga it was, of course, a choice to go there by taking a Flix bus.

6. Portugal

  • Warmth, Fun and Run-Eu

7. Denmark

  • Tivoli was the only reason and that place is worth it.

8. South Korea

  • Exploring Korean startup scene with Aaltoes

9. Germany

  • Bmw welt and once for visa collection to my exchange studies in Austria

10. Austria

  • 5 months Exchange studies

11. Hungary

  • New york city cafe, Fashion district, Gyor – visitng friends

12. Poland

  • Ruined it my self by being lazy in hotel room

13. Czechia

  • During my exchange my brother (Krishna kartheek reddy kandi) came to visit me, so we made a trip together from vienna

14. Slovakia

  • A day trip with my brother from vienna

15. Netherlands

  • Bikes, Lakes and Run eu

16. Belgium

  • Mini europe and Eu parliament

17. Luxembourg

  • World’s richest country why not?

Thanks for reading!

Vignesh Reddy Kandi

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