Vignesh Reddy Kandi

Day 0 – Going to South Korea

After months of waiting , my long-awaited trip to South Korea finally began today. I was going with Aaltoes Fam, a group of 11 : Meri, Laura, Nantte, Lilya, Eli, Ernesti, Huy, Cara, Vera, and Selma.

we gathered at 1 o’clock and began the check-in process at Helsinki Airport. Unfortunately, my passport required a visa to visit Korea, so there were a few extra steps involved in ensuring everything was in order at the check-in desk. We had a layover in London, which meant additional questions during check-in.

Fortunately, the check-in process went smoothly, and we were on time for our first leg of the journey from Helsinki to London. Surprisingly, the flight was quicker than expected, and I barely noticed the passing of time. After landing in London, we had to change terminals, which involved a long bus ride, adding a sense of excitement to our trip.

As the next leg of our journey began, I found myself lucky enough to secure a window seat after changing from a middle seat. The 13-hour flight awaited us, but It was enough to sleep through most of it, completely oblivious to the passing hours.

After reaching our Airbnb and taking a moment to relax, we set out to find a restaurant for some much-needed nourishment. However, being vegetarian or vegan in Korea is to be quite challenging, as it is not widely available . But, I wasn’t a vegetarian, so finding chicken options was a bit easier for me.

Day 0 was done successfully and excited for Day 1 to see how it’s going to be with meetings.

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