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My SAP experience in Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

My Experience at SAP in Barcelos, Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

I had been eagerly waiting for my trip to Portugal for an SAP called Smart Everything by Run-Eu, to explore Portugal and meet new people and learn something as an outcome 😁.

I arrived in Portugal without knowing anyone and without knowing what to expect. My flight was on the 8th of May, and although I missed the first day of the project, it didn’t affect me too much, luckily.

Getting to IPCA Barcelos from Helsinki was relatively easy, taking a 5-hour + 1-hour flight with a one-hour delay as a bonus. And, cabs are more affordable in Portugal than in Helsinki, so I decided to take one from Porto airport to Flag Hotel in Barcelos. It felt like a long ride but it’s so much greenery everywhere which made my ride more interesting and focus on sceneries.

By the evening of Monday, 8th May, I had arrived in Barcelos and was already feeling a little tired, so I headed to bed early, ready to meet my team and start work on my project the next day. It was just 20 mins walk from the hotel I was staying to IPCA, so easy to commute. But I was worried that I had missed out by arriving a day late and that everyone might already start working and was in progress. But luckily, it wasn’t tough for me to catch up with everyone and they are really friendly, welcoming, and talkative, making it easy for me to break the ice.

Our team, combined with another team, was given the humorous title “BAWKS” (Bear + Hawks). Although we had a project to complete, we also had a lot of fun together, and I thoroughly enjoyed my team’s company and their presence in Barcelos. The positive vibe among everyone was contagious, and it motivated me to work harder.

My team logo

And then we started working on our project in real-time, it has a lot of aspects like Business, Tech (more or less creating a business). But the catch here was using Powerapps to make this App. 2nd day (my 1st day) it was just brainstorming but nobody thought about what we would come up with.

Draft board

After some hours we figured out our app’s brand identity:

App name & Logo
It became like a selfie after achieving something 😂

And then, building an app in Powerapps was worst than I expected. My team had a different opinion on power apps but we could say we enjoyed working on that 😜


With some frequent communication and taking feedback from our team, we finally made one of the best app, Below attached, 1st version and final version

Final submitted version

It was definitely the best learning experience but While it’s obvious that we learn a lot from educational projects such as SAP, what I found most valuable was being able to connect and have fun with people who share similar interests. It wasn’t easy to find a group that I could vibe with, but BAWKS and the rest of the SAP project made it possible.

Here are some fun pictures from this SAP :

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