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My SAP experience in Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

My Experience at SAP in Barcelos, Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi I had been eagerly waiting for my trip to Portugal for an SAP called Smart Everything by Run-Eu, to explore Portugal and meet new people and learn something as an outcome 😁. I arrived in Portugal without knowing anyone and without knowing what to expect. My flight was on the 8th of May, and although I missed the first day of the project, it didn’t affect me too much, luckily. Getting to IPCA Barcelos from Helsinki was relatively easy, taking a 5-hour + 1-hour flight with a one-hour delay as a bonus. And, cabs are more affordable in Portugal than in Helsinki, so I decided to take one from Porto airport to Flag Hotel in Barcelos. It felt like a long ride but it’s so much greenery everywhere which made my ride more interesting and focus on sceneries. By the evening of Monday, 8th May, I had arrived in Barcelos and was already feeling a little tired, so I headed to bed early, ready to meet my team and start work on my project the next day. It was just 20 mins walk from the hotel I was staying to IPCA, so easy to commute. But I was worried that I had missed out by arriving a day late and that everyone might already start working and was in progress. But luckily, it wasn’t tough for me to catch up with everyone and they are really friendly, welcoming, and talkative, making it easy for me to break the ice. Our team, combined with another team, was given the humorous title “BAWKS” (Bear + Hawks). Although we had a project to complete, we also had a lot of fun together, and I thoroughly enjoyed my team’s company and their presence in Barcelos. The positive vibe among everyone was contagious, and it motivated me to work harder. And then we started working on our project in real-time, it has a lot of aspects like Business, Tech (more or less creating a business). But the catch here was using Powerapps to make this App. 2nd day (my 1st day) it was just brainstorming but nobody thought about what we would come up with. After some hours we figured out our app’s brand identity: And then, building an app in Powerapps was worst than I expected. My team had a different opinion on power apps but we could say we enjoyed working on that 😜 With some frequent communication and taking feedback from our team, we finally made one of the best app, Below attached, 1st version and final version It was definitely the best learning experience but While it’s obvious that we learn a lot from educational projects such as SAP, what I found most valuable was being able to connect and have fun with people who share similar interests. It wasn’t easy to find a group that I could vibe with, but BAWKS and the rest of the SAP project made it possible. Here are some fun pictures from this SAP :

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Missed Deadlines and

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you could have done better, but missed the mark? That’s what happened to me during my recent module on Automating Business Processes, which included three courses: Mini Thesis, Software Design, and Software Robotics. The Mini Thesis course was not a problem for me and my teammate, as we completed it and submitted it on time. However, the real challenge came with the other two courses. The Software Design course seemed too simple, so I didn’t pay enough attention to it and missed the deadline. But with a burst of post-deadline motivation, I completed my parts in soem hours and almost submitted them. As for the Software Robotics course, it’s still due, and my teammate and I have encountered some hurdles in accessing the necessary software due to our use of Macs. Despite this, we’re still working hard to figure out a way to complete the course and submit it as soon as possible. Although this was the first module where I felt that my unavailability and laziness had a negative impact on my performance, I’m happy that the consequences were not too significant. And this was the only module that i hated completely.

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Got selected for a SAP

Have you ever had a sudden opportunity that you just couldn’t resist? That’s exactly what happened to me when I received an email from one of my professors about an open enrollment for a short advanced program called “Smart Everything” offered jointly by Häme University of Applied Sciences and Polytechnic of Cávado and Ave in Portugal. I checked out the course content and was immediately drawn to it. Although I wasn’t sure if I would get accepted, I applied just 20 minutes before the deadline. And I waited anxiously for a month to receive some good news. Finally, I received the email that made my day. I had been selected to attend the course! and I accepted the offer without a second thought. What’s more exciting is that the course requires me to attend one week of classes in Portugal. And here’s the best part: my university is providing me some € to cover my expenses during my stay in Portugal. To me, this is like hitting two birds with one stone. I get to enjoy a sponsored trip to Portugal and attend a valuable program that can help me further my academics.

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Austria could be my next…

Last year, two of my close friends discussed going for an exchange program, and I didn’t feel the same way. I was content with studying at Hamk and demotivated them by not showing interest. However, a year later, an email from my guidance counselor made me realize that I should also explore exchange opportunities. I started researching and found various options in Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea. Initially, I was sure that I wanted to stay in Europe, but then Austria caught my attention. There was something about the country that made me feel connected to it, and I decided to apply to a university in Austria. I’m eagerly waiting to hear back from the universities and excited on this journey. It’s amazing how a change in perspective can make you reconsider your choices. Fingers crossed for Austria, or maybe even another country!

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Ken Crest International School: A Place That Holds My Heart

It was in sixth grade when I first heard about KCIS from a friend. I had heard many good things about the school, but I never thought I would go there. Many factors stopped me, such as the 38-kilometer distance from my home and the early morning start time . Time flew by so quickly, and before I knew it, two years had passed. The bus would come to my home promptly at 7:30 am, and I would join my bus mates , engaging in fun activities and games while en route to school. We were not allowed to use phones, but that didn’t matter because we had so much fun without them. Most of us would sleep during the journey as we had to wake up early to make it to school on time. Upon our arrival at the school, we would gather in the indoor stadium for morning prayer, where a class would present on a particular topic or organize something enjoyable. Classes began at 9:00 am, and my favorite teacher, Bob Pears, was my class teacher and social studies instructor. He made learning social studies and current affairs fascinating and engaging. During lunchtime, we had an hour to eat and relax. Although we had a lunch area in school, my friends and I preferred to eat in class, leaving us with approximately 40 minutes to play. We played games such as pen-fight, dumb charades, and outdoor games such as hit and run, run chase, and hide and seek. We were free birds, enjoying ourselves without any restrictions. Afternoon sessions were filled with fun activities such as dance classes, computer classes, movie afternoons, arts and crafts, science labs, and design labs. These labs were enjoyable to participate in because they did not require traditional study methods. From 3-4:00 pm, we were free to engage in sports like lawn tennis and football. At 4:00 pm, we boarded our bus, and the hour-long journey back home was just as enjoyable.In the computer lab, we did a lot of fun things, including playing GTA Vice City illegally. The school organized events based on the day, such as Apj Abdul Khalm’s birthday, where we participated in fun contests. In preparation for these events, we were given a day off beforehand. I was so connected to the school that I never thought I would ever leave KCIS. My friend circle made my KCIS experience more enjoyable. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it in the same way without them. Exam season was fun, unlike any other school in India. I had two years of unforgettable memories, and I miss the school and the lovely people there. I’m fortunate to still be in touch with them. Unfortunately, KCIS is no more due to the sudden demise of the school chairman and conflicts between partners. The school closed and was sold after my eighth grade, and this led me to have a horrible experience during my ninth and tenth grade education.

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From Fun and Creativity to Stress and Pressure: My Transition to a High-Performing School in the 9th Grade

When I changed schools in the 9th grade, I had no idea what was coming up for me. Up until that point, I had always attended schools that prioritized fun and creativity over academic achievement. But my new school was different – with a track record for getting high grades, it was clear that success was the top priority. To gain admission to the school, I had to take an entrance exam. Unfortunately, my results were 15/20 which looks goid for , but the principal suggested that I repeat the 8th grade instead of moving on to the 9th. My parents were not thrilled with this idea, so the principal agreed to let me enter 9th grade with the condition that I attend extra study hours to catch up. My first day at the new school was stressful . I arrived late after attending a wedding the night before, and was warned by the principal for being late. Despite the rocky start, I quickly made friends with a fellow student who sat next to me in class. The 9th grade was stressful, but manageable. However, things took a turn for the worse when summer arrived. The school organized special classes for 10th grade during the summer break, leaving me with little time for anything else. Our schedule was grueling, with 12 hours of study every day, and additional assignments and notes to complete. Although I enjoyed spending time with my new friends, the pressure to perform academically weighed heavily on me. I made some mistakes in my study habits, which ultimately prevented me from achieving the grades I wanted. Looking back, I have mixed feelings about my experience in 10th grade. While the school provided a strong academic foundation and allowed me to make lifelong friends, the high-pressure environment was not for my personal growth and development.

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From High School to Hamk: A New Chapter in My Life

Making a major life decision is never easy, especially when it involves interrupting your studies and moving to a new country. That’s exactly what I did when we decided to come to Finland during the middle of my studies. At the time, I wasn’t happy with what I was studying and I felt like I needed a change. Looking back, I can confidently say that it was the right decision for me. When I arrived in Finland, I found myself without any clear direction. The COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, and everything felt uncertain. After six months of being home and not studying, I decided to take an immigration training course to learn Finnish. Although it didn’t go as well as I had hoped, I was happy to receive some financial support for my efforts. Six more months went by, and I realized that I was ready to take the next step in my education. Unfortunately, I missed the application deadline for many of the universities and universities of applied sciences in the metropolitan area. However, after some searching, I found a program that was still accepting applications. I researched the learning outcomes and decided that it was a good fit for me. Applying to the program was nail-biting. I had been out of school for a year and was worried about how I would do on the admission test and interview. To my relief, I passed both and received an offer to study at the Häme University of Applied Sciences. I was thrilled to accept it, and my family was extremely happy. Now, with three months to go before the start of my studies, I am excited and a little nervous. I’m grateful for the opportunity to pursue a degree that I’m passionate about and eager to see what the future holds. Although the journey to get here wasn’t easy, I know that it was worth it.

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