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20 countries before 21 – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

20 countries before 21 – Vignesh Reddy Kandi I always thought that, if I could make it to 20 countries before turning 21. But I haven’t But let’s see what countries I have been to and why. 1. Finland 2. Sweden 3. Estonia 4. Latvia 5. Lithuania 6. Portugal 7. Denmark 8. South Korea 9. Germany 10. Austria 11. Hungary 12. Poland 13. Czechia 14. Slovakia 15. Netherlands 16. Belgium 17. Luxembourg Thanks for reading! Vignesh Reddy Kandi

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A Trip Through the Benelux- Vignesh reddy kandi

Author : A Trip Through the Benelux: Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg – Vignesh reddy kandi Since returning from Austria in January, I’ve only made a short trip to Hämeenlinna. Recently, I discovered a SAP event in the Netherlands and since I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, it seemed like the perfect excuse to go. I’m planning to be there for two weeks and visit three countries. I found a good deal on flights to Amsterdam with SAS, which helps because they offer discounts for young people. I don’t have a detailed plan for after I arrive, but I’m thinking of starting in Amsterdam on the 19th, then going to Leeuwarden on the 21st to meet my friend Aldo and attend the SAP event for the rest of the week. After that, I plan to drive to Brussels, stay a few days, and then visit Luxembourg. These three places are my main goals, but if I still have money left, I might also go to France or maybe return to Norway. I’m really looking forward to this trip that will last two to three weeks, and this time, I’m not sticking to a fixed schedule.

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5 Months in Vienna, Austria

Why Vienna? So, why Vienna? Well, it was either here, Switzerland, or Mexico for my exchange. I went with Austria mainly because it’s kind of cheap and my dad used to be here when I was little. I heard so many stories about Vienna growing up, it just seemed right to finally check it out myself. Plus, staying for five months? That’s the only way to really get bedt experience possible, way better than just hitting the tourist spots. And My cousins, Sai Sri Anmandla and Srija Anmandla, are in Vienna! Having family around made everything way more fun. without them, I might have got off Vienna pretty quick. I landed on September 4th, 2023, which was a Sunday, and yup, everything was closed. I moved into my spot at Haus Panorama in the 20th district, finding food was a mission. It was already 10 PM, and my go-to, Wolt, doesn’t even work here yet. Ended up finding out a doner kebab costs like €3.50 here, which is a steal compared to the €10 back in Finland. The uni system here? Not a fan. I went to Fh technikum wien. It feels way more pressured than what I’m used to. They’ve got this mandatory attendance thing to get grades, which is a total switch from the chill vibe in Finland. It’s all discipline and structure here, which isn’t really my jam. Vienna’s cool and all, but I miss places like the startup sauna back home—Vienna’s kinda short on open coworking spaces and English networking events. But geographically, it’s ace. Just a couple of hours from most places around, and the public transport? Super cheap. Got my whole five months covered for like 80€. I planned to hit up all the neighboring cities and countries, but I ended up flying back to Finland like every month. Still, bouncing between Helsinki and Vienna was pretty cool. And yo, I had to grab an Insta360 X3 because my phone just wasn’t doing justice to all the epic stuff around here. The view from my apartment alone, right on a running lake, was just 🔥 At first, Vienna and I didn’t really click, but by the end, I kinda started feeling a vibe with the city. Makes me wonder, should I stick around a bit longer?

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Day 0 – Going to South Korea

After months of waiting , my long-awaited trip to South Korea finally began today. I was going with Aaltoes Fam, a group of 11 : Meri, Laura, Nantte, Lilya, Eli, Ernesti, Huy, Cara, Vera, and Selma. we gathered at 1 o’clock and began the check-in process at Helsinki Airport. Unfortunately, my passport required a visa to visit Korea, so there were a few extra steps involved in ensuring everything was in order at the check-in desk. We had a layover in London, which meant additional questions during check-in. Fortunately, the check-in process went smoothly, and we were on time for our first leg of the journey from Helsinki to London. Surprisingly, the flight was quicker than expected, and I barely noticed the passing of time. After landing in London, we had to change terminals, which involved a long bus ride, adding a sense of excitement to our trip. As the next leg of our journey began, I found myself lucky enough to secure a window seat after changing from a middle seat. The 13-hour flight awaited us, but It was enough to sleep through most of it, completely oblivious to the passing hours. After reaching our Airbnb and taking a moment to relax, we set out to find a restaurant for some much-needed nourishment. However, being vegetarian or vegan in Korea is to be quite challenging, as it is not widely available . But, I wasn’t a vegetarian, so finding chicken options was a bit easier for me. Day 0 was done successfully and excited for Day 1 to see how it’s going to be with meetings.

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My SAP experience in Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

My Experience at SAP in Barcelos, Portugal – Vignesh Reddy Kandi I had been eagerly waiting for my trip to Portugal for an SAP called Smart Everything by Run-Eu, to explore Portugal and meet new people and learn something as an outcome 😁. I arrived in Portugal without knowing anyone and without knowing what to expect. My flight was on the 8th of May, and although I missed the first day of the project, it didn’t affect me too much, luckily. Getting to IPCA Barcelos from Helsinki was relatively easy, taking a 5-hour + 1-hour flight with a one-hour delay as a bonus. And, cabs are more affordable in Portugal than in Helsinki, so I decided to take one from Porto airport to Flag Hotel in Barcelos. It felt like a long ride but it’s so much greenery everywhere which made my ride more interesting and focus on sceneries. By the evening of Monday, 8th May, I had arrived in Barcelos and was already feeling a little tired, so I headed to bed early, ready to meet my team and start work on my project the next day. It was just 20 mins walk from the hotel I was staying to IPCA, so easy to commute. But I was worried that I had missed out by arriving a day late and that everyone might already start working and was in progress. But luckily, it wasn’t tough for me to catch up with everyone and they are really friendly, welcoming, and talkative, making it easy for me to break the ice. Our team, combined with another team, was given the humorous title “BAWKS” (Bear + Hawks). Although we had a project to complete, we also had a lot of fun together, and I thoroughly enjoyed my team’s company and their presence in Barcelos. The positive vibe among everyone was contagious, and it motivated me to work harder. And then we started working on our project in real-time, it has a lot of aspects like Business, Tech (more or less creating a business). But the catch here was using Powerapps to make this App. 2nd day (my 1st day) it was just brainstorming but nobody thought about what we would come up with. After some hours we figured out our app’s brand identity: And then, building an app in Powerapps was worst than I expected. My team had a different opinion on power apps but we could say we enjoyed working on that 😜 With some frequent communication and taking feedback from our team, we finally made one of the best app, Below attached, 1st version and final version It was definitely the best learning experience but While it’s obvious that we learn a lot from educational projects such as SAP, what I found most valuable was being able to connect and have fun with people who share similar interests. It wasn’t easy to find a group that I could vibe with, but BAWKS and the rest of the SAP project made it possible. Here are some fun pictures from this SAP :

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Tikkurila to Hämeenlinna (2 years already)

When it came time to choose a university for my bachelor’s degree, I decided on Hamk. At the time, I didn’t realize what a challenge it would be. When I looked at Google maps, the travel time seemed reasonable, just 50 minutes. That was no big deal for me, since it takes me an hour to get to Espoo. Unfortunately, my first class starts at 8:45 a.m., which means I have to take a train that arrives before then. The only option available for me is the train that departs from Tikkurila at 7:19 a.m. This means I have to wake up at least an hour earlier to make it to that train. And, to make matters worse, sometimes the train gets delayed, forcing me to stand in the cold for even longer. The buses in Hämeenlinna are unreliable, so I can never count on them to be on time. Waiting for them is a frustrating experience, but when the train is delayed, I’m almost happy because it means I don’t have to deal with the unreliable buses. Of course, this only happens on rare occasions. Overall, I’ve enjoyed my time at Hamk, except for the early mornings.

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Best trip i had? : Definitely south india trip with friends.

Most schools in India organize a yearly trip for their students, and during my 10th grade, my school took us on a 10-day trip to South India. At first, I wasn’t particularly interested in going, but a friend of mine convinced me to join. However, he later dropped out, leaving me with mixed feelings about the trip. I had never been on a trip with my friends before, so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it. To my surprise, the trip turned out to be the most memorable one I have ever had. I gained valuable experiences, such as money management, staying healthy, and adapting to climate variations. We took a train from Warangal and first visited Kerala, a state that had been on my bucket list for a long time. Kerala is known for its lush greenery, high literacy rate, and numerous popular destinations. I was fortunate enough to visit many of these places with my friends, making the trip more enjoyable and memorable. During the day, we explored the area, and at night, we rested. But we also did many secret activities that made the trip even more unforgettable. We visited some of India’s iconic places, such as Munnar, which is famous for its evergreen tea plants, Athirappilly Waterfalls, and Alleppey, a must-visit location that I had seen in many movies. However, experiencing it in person was far better than I could have ever imagined. One of the most thrilling experiences was when a few of my friends and I were left behind in the hotel while the others went to a temple that would be closed if they arrived too late. Since the temple was on our must-visit list, we took a tuk-tuk and rushed to the temple. In our haste, none of us brought our phones or enough money with us. Fortunately, we arrived just in time, and those who had arrived early didn’t get to visit the temple because they had to wait longer. After completing our visit, we decided to go back to the hotel. However, we didn’t remember the hotel’s name or location, so we had to do several internet searches to find it. This day was the highlight of the entire trip. Even now, I still feel like going back to South India with the same group of people. The trip provided me with unforgettable memories and experiences that I will cherish forever. Thanks for reading : Best trip i had? : Definitely south india trip with friends.

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air india

Delayed Dreams: My First International Flight Experience

As a travel enthusiast, I always dreamed of flying in a comfortable airplane with a screen and a 3 X 3 seating layout. However, domestic flights in India usually offer cramped spaces and subpar air experience. Therefore, I was thrilled when I finally got the chance to embark on my first international flight from India to Finland with Air India. Our route involved multiple stops, with flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, Delhi to Sweden, and Sweden to Helsinki. Although it was a more expensive option, we chose this airline for the generous check-in and cabin baggage allowances of 60 kg and 10 kg, respectively, which was significantly higher than other airlines flying to Finland from India. We had a lot of memorable and useful items to carry, so my family and I ended up bringing a lot of luggage, requiring three cars to transport it all to the airport. The airport was located three hours from our home, so we had to factor in additional travel time and arrived at the airport three hours before our scheduled boarding time to avoid the massive crowds during the luggage drop-off. Surprisingly, the luggage drop-off was smoother and quicker than expected, and we had three hours to spare before our flight. We spent our time eating and lounging by the gate until we heard the announcement that our flight was delayed by two hours. I wasn’t looking forward to the flight as I had already flown multiple times on this route, but to my surprise, even the domestic leg of the journey was a pleasant experience. We were supposed to have a five-hour layover in Delhi airport, but due to the delay in Hyderabad, we only had two hours left when we arrived at the gate. To make matters worse, we received another announcement that our flight would be delayed by an additional four hours. However, I spent the six hours playing 8-ball pool and indulging in the complimentary lunch and refreshments. Finally, the time had come for my first international flight, and I was worried about flying with Air India as many people had complained about their old fleet. However, we were lucky enough to board a new aircraft, and the entertainment system was excellent, with an array of movies to choose from. The food was also delightful, and I experienced a range of emotions, from happiness and excitement to sadness, during the long flight. We landed at Arlanda Airport in Sweden, but unfortunately, there was a massive line at immigration, and we had only one hour to catch our connecting flight. Despite our efforts, we missed our flight, and we were stuck in Sweden for two days. We called Air India and argued with them for a long time to arrange another flight for us. Eventually, they provided us with a business-class hotel inside the airport, and they arranged for us to take another flight the next evening. Although the delay meant our trip was only a short two-day stay in Sweden, we had a fantastic time and enjoyed interacting with the locals. We flew to Helsinki, and our three-day journey came to an end. The trip was unforgettable in every way, and I had an amazing experience flying with Air India. Although we faced a few challenges.

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fly Dubai

Two Years Later: My Journey to India During Winter Vacation

It had been two long years since my family and I had visited India, so we were determined to go during winter vacation in December 2021. My mother and brother had already purchased their tickets on Finnair, which was lucky for them since the flight time was only nine hours. However, when I tried to buy a ticket for the same date, all that was available was a business class ticket. Not wanting to spend the price of four economy tickets on a single business class ticket, I looked for alternatives and found that Flydubai was offering cheap flights on the same day. Despite a 20-hour layover, I was eager to go to India, so I decided to take the cheaper flight. On the day of my flight, I arrived at the airport only to find that my flight was delayed by four hours. With nothing to do at the boring Helsinki Airport, I passed the time by watching some movies from my watchlist. When boarding finally began, the lady at the gate pulled me aside and informed me that there was a problem generating my boarding pass for the second flight from Dubai to Hyderabad. She assured me that I could get it in Dubai, so I went onboard. Unfortunately, the flight was terrible and reminded me of the budget airline Indigo. To pass the time, I decided to buy a flight entertainment pack for 35€, but it only lasted for six hours and didn’t include internet. When I tried to browse movies, I found that none of them were watchable, and the food was terrible as always. Exhausted, I listened to music and fell asleep until the air hostess woke me up, announcing that we were landing in Dubai. As we landed, I was happy to see the Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa from my window. Afterward, we took a bus to the terminal from the parking lot, which took an hour and a half. Then, the real countdown began: I had 16 hours left until my next flight, and I was already tired and hungry. I decided to use my priority pass to access the lounge, where I enjoyed everything except the fact that I had to wear a mask while not eating. Unfortunately, the shower facilities were closed due to Covid restrictions. After a short nap, I explored the stores and found some good souvenirs to buy. However, I met another passenger from Finland, who started talking to me and made me even more tired with his questions. Feeling exhausted, I considered getting a hotel room, but all the cheap ones were full. The airport internet was also terrible, and I had already spent 60€ on using the internet abroad. All my downloads were watched, and I had nothing left to do. I didn’t think to buy a SIM card, but I recharged my Indian SIM card for a good internet connection. However, I couldn’t make calls through WhatsApp or Instagram, so I was limited in having fun. Later, I found a good lounge with shower and bed facilities, where I had lunch and slept for six hours. Despite this, I was still exhausted by the atmosphere of Dubai airport. It was 5 hours before my next flight, so I decided to go from terminal 3 to terminal 2. Unfortunately, it was the worst airport terminal I had ever seen – more like Hyderabad main bus station than an airport. I hated the crowds waiting near the gates, but it got even worse when I had to collect my boarding pass at terminal 2. The lady at the counter looked at me suspiciously and started checking my COVID certificate, vaccine, and travel documents. Her printer didn’t work, so she had to wait for her colleague to come and give me the pass. After that ordeal, I went to Dubai duty-free shopping to get some alcohol. However, I didn’t feel safe in the crowded area, so I went to the lounge and started watching a movie. When it was time to board my flight, I was relieved that no one sat next to me, and the entire row was empty. I bought internet access for my 3-hour flight, but it stopped working after 15 minutes. The air hostess informed me that there was a technical problem and promised to give me a voucher (which I still haven’t received). I spent the rest of the flight watching through the window, eager to land as soon as possible and go home. Finally, I landed and had to take a COVID test in the airport. I waited for 2 hours to get the results before heading home. As a bonus, my suitcase got exchanged with a similar one.

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Trip to Riga – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

Trip to Riga: Exploring Latvia’s Beautiful Capital – Vignesh Reddy Kandi In January 2023, my brother and I went on a four-day trip to Riga. We decided to take the cheapest flight available, which was with Ryanair. Despite hearing mixed reviews, we booked the tickets for only €20 each.Our main goal for the trip was to have a staycation and do some fun activities. We didn’t have any specific expectations, but we were excited to explore Riga. We found a good deal on a hotel, the Park Inn by Radisson, for €200 for four nights. Our flight from Helsinki was supposed to depart at 10:50 pm, but it was delayed for two hours. We had to wait in the airport for a long time, but unfortunately, there were no open stores to keep us occupied. Despite the delay, we enjoyed flying with Ryanair. (Except horrible landing experience in Riga 💀) On our first day, we headed to the Old Town to explore. We found that the Old Town in Riga was even better than Tallinn’s Old Town. We stumbled upon an Indian restaurant and decided to try it out. The food was delicious, and the prices were half of what we would pay for the same meal in Helsinki. We visited some great places, such as the Riga Market, the National Museum of Art, and the Riga Cathedral. Had some fun activities there..And i felt there is nothing more to see in Riga so thought of taking a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania, but the travel time was too long, so we decided to not to go. We returned to Helsinki after four days of having lots of fun in Riga. Luckily, our flight back was not delayed, and we had a great trip overall and it would be best if i went there in the summer. Thanks for reading- Trip to Riga: Exploring Latvia’s Beautiful Capital – Vignesh Reddy Kandi

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